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Need to document your Thespian points for this year?  Go HERE!

Texas Thespian Festival 2022 was a success!

Congratulations to our National Qualifiers!

Group Musical - Bella Brown, Alex Covarrubias, Bella Murtoff, Rebekah Rogers

Group Acting - Will Gange, Trevor 

Gappinger, Sarthak Garg, Montana Staten, Lleytan Watt

Duet Acting - Rachel Noble, Elli Scheinman

Solo Musical - Peyton Scheffler

Stage Management - Isaac Ludlam, Kasey McNatt

Lighting Design - Micah Dooley

Costume Construction - Jordan Thompson

$1000 Thespian Scholarship - Micah Dooley

Thespian Officers

Micah Dooley, Chair

Will Gange, Trevor Gappinger, Kasey McNatt, Rachel Noble, Montana Staten, Jordan Thompson

ITS Troupe #4268 Updates:

Look for information coming soon about our new Officer Intern program. If you are interested in running for Thespian Board for the 2023-24 school year, you will need to participate in the Intern program beginning in January.